Abstract guidelines

Abstracts will be peer blind reviewed by two independent referees. Authors are requested to facilitate this task by following these guidelines:

  1. LANGUAGE: English
  2. ABSTRACT LENGTH: 300-500 words (with key references)
  3. PAGE SIZE: Standard A4 paper
  4. MARGINS: Default 2.5 cm (top/bottom) by 3 cm (left/right) throughout
  5. SPACING: Single-spaced
  6. PARAGRAPHS: Paragraphs should not be separated by a blank line and should be indented.
  7. FONT: Georgia - 12-point
  8. ANONYMITY: If the author’s name should appear somewhere, e.g. in a reference, replace the name with ‘Author’. Do not include the author/s name/s in this document
  9. FILE FORMAT: word (.doc/.docx)
  10. REFERENCES: Please follow the format included here

Abstracts Deadline: 15th December 2013