Welcome to the website of TISLID'14, to be held at the University of Salamanca (USAL) in Ávila (Spain), 7-9 May 2014.



Technological applications in the field of education are an outstandingly growing phenomenon which has changed the landscape of education and learning to an area of continuous innovation. In this area, teachers, students and researchers must be constantly developing their skills and knowledge in order to be up-to-date in the Era of Digital Information and Technologies. In turn, research on language teaching / learning must turn to the analysis and development of technological applications, blended learning approaches and methodologies, and requires computer technicians, programme developers, and teachers and students all over the world to work together. Many of the applications available (currently there are thousands for the iPad alone, and this number grows at an incredible speed) are oriented towards restricted professional and academic contexts, and they fit the real world demands for language tuition. Along with language learning, computer technologies allow for data and knowledge management of specialized language linguistic domains (LSPs, that is, Languages for Special Purposes). The approach of the computer-based teaching and processing of such domains is of paramount importance nowadays in order to handle knowledge and to optimize the process of learning as well as the transfer of accurate information. 
ATLAS research group has been working for over a decade in the field of CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) and is presently carrying out research in the field of MALL (Mobile Assisted Language Learning). Therefore, we are happy to host our second international research event, which offers a magnificent opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences. It also aims to promote face-to-face academic debate on effective and innovative ways to design and develop Lifelong Learning approaches that are grounded in linguistic, multimodal, intercultural, and technological principles.
We invite paper and poster proposals for the following areas of knowledge and topics:
  • Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) 
  • New Trends: Ubiquity, Gamification, etc. 
  • Interaction Design, Usability and Accessibility
  • Language Massive Open Online Courses (LMOOCs)
  • Open Courseware (OCW) / Open Educational Resources (OERs) for Languages
  • E-learning and Languages in Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Education
  • Computerised Language Testing and Assessment
  • ICTs for Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
  • Distance and Lifelong Language Teaching/Learning
  • ICTs and Languages for Specific Purposes (LSPs)
  • Corpora and Computational Linguistics
  • Technological Innovation in Terminology and Translation
  • Audiovisual Translation

The event will also include several workshops on the following topics: MOOCs, MALL, CLIL and Audiovisual Translation in Language Learning.

All kinds of audiences are welcome to this event that will also include optional workshops, as well as a EUROCALL Special Interest Group session on MALL. TISLID´14 is intended to spread and share the latest advances in language technologies and language learning applications all over the world. As such, it is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in any of these areas, which have become of general interest.
For further information please contact: tislid14@gmail.com